Why does love have to be patient?!

Love is patient…

Yes, it is very popular not just to me but I know also to you. I know you’ve heard this passage many times in weddings, in movies and on bible studies. Even if you’re not a Christian, I am definitely sure that you are familiar with this passage found in 1 Corinthians 13.

But I’m just kinda frustrated on this passage. On almost all translation of the Bible, the first characteristic of love is patient. Of all possible characteristic of love, why does Paul have to write patience first?!


Basically, I’m a choleric type of person. A person who wants everything to be quick: instant results, instant obedience, instant foods. My patience is not that long. My greatest frustration in life is when my schedule is not followed. I’m that kind of person. And then, I met Jesus Christ and destroyed all of these demands of my life. He introduced me to this thing called patience.


Photo by h3sean.com


He taught me patience by showing me how patient He is to me, waiting for me to turn my heart to Him. How patient He is to wait for me to repentance everytime I fall short of His glory. He is Patience.

But now, this lesson from Him is being tested as I wait for the man He has appointed to be my partner. I long to be protected, to have someone comfort me when I’m down, to encourage and inspire me to walk more intimately with Jesus each day. I long for someone to help me, with the people around me, with the task given to me.

Yes, I am young. In fact, you may say very young because I’m just 18! Haven’t even graduated from college and still dependent to my parents. You may judge me, condemned me… well, actually, I don’t care. One thing I know is that this desire is God-given. This is not from the enemy and it’s not abnormal to people especially for Christians.  I have no one in mind yet, much more a boyfriend. One thing I know is that, when God created me, He was thinking of the one He also created for me. And there are only two things I need to do right now: wait and pray.


I will wait and pray.


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